Mirantis Releases Docker Enterprise 3.1

Is Rancher going in the SUSE Box?

SUSE’s $600 million (USD) acquisition of Rancher Labs means that the Kubernetes market is heading towards a major decision-point between freedom of choice and solutions tied to an enterprise Linux distribution and its agenda.

New in Docker Enterprise 3.1: Making Kubernetes on Windows, GPU Orchestration and Istio Ingress Easier

To celebrate the release of the latest version of Docker Enterprise, Principal Solutions Engineer David Kramer talked to John Jainschigg about some of the new features. We wanted to bring you the answers to your questions, including those we didn’t have time to cover live.

New Docker Enterprise Phone a Friend: Call Solution Architects for Help Operationalizing Your Solution

After an organization adopts the Docker Enterprise platform from Mirantis, they usually have questions and need help to operationalize the solution they purchased. But just as the car insurance that covers damage from an accident doesn't do you any good if you need new tires, the Mirantis Support team does a great job in working with customers to address critical …

Today I learned: How to make very small containers for golang binaries

Building images from scratch, using compiled binaries that don’t need complex, multi-layered OS and language environment support, will keep containers small.

The ultimate guide to Kubernetes

Here at Mirantis we’re committed to making things easy for you to get your work done, so we’ve decided to put together this guide to Kubernetes.

Journey into Cloud Native Learning with a New Education Track from Mirantis

Over the next few months, Mirantis Training will be launching a new Cloud Native Computing (CN) track. These courses utilize a new, pattern-driven methodology, and cover containerization with Kubernetes, Docker Enterprise, and adjacent technologies. This track represents the best of the Kube and Docker courses developed and delivered for years by the Mirantis and Docker training teams, combined into one …

Getting Docker Enterprise Edition Running in 1 Hour

Installing Docker Enterprise can be straightforward and fairly quick.

Introduction to Istio Ingress: The easy way to manage incoming Kubernetes app traffic

Istio Ingress is a subset of Istio that handles the incoming traffic for your cluster.

NVIDIA GPU Nodes for Docker Enterprise Kubernetes

Docker Enterprise 3.1 with Kubernetes 1.17 makes it simple to add standard GPU worker node capacity to Kubernetes clusters.

Today I Learned: How to Enable SSH With Keypair Login on Windows Server 2019

When deploying automatically to Windows Server 2019, you have the option to use SSH, which can be more convenient than Linux-native operators.

Windows Worker Nodes for Docker Enterprise Kubernetes: Easily add and scale Windows workload capacity

Docker Enterprise 3.1 with Kubernetes 1.17 lets you easily add Windows Kubernetes workers to a cluster (cluster master nodes must still run on Linux), mixing them optionally with Linux workers. Newly-joined Windows workers are immediately recognized by Docker Enterprise Kubernetes, and workloads can be scheduled on them reliably via the nodeSelector element in a deployment spec.  The ability to orchestrate Windows-based …

Getting Started with Docker Enterprise 3.1

In this article, get familiar with using the Universal Control Plane to create and manage Kubernetes objects, add an additional node to the cluster, and learn how to access the cluster from the command line.

Announcing Docker Enterprise 3.1 General Availability

We are proud to announce the general availability of Docker Enterprise 3.1, with new features that let you up your Kubernetes game even more.

Fast, simple Docker Enterprise deployments with the Mirantis Launchpad CLI Tool

The Mirantis Launchpad CLI Tool takes the friction out of deploying Docker Enterprise 3.1.

Securing Your Containers Isn’t Enough — Webinar Q&A

Last week we presented a webinar with our partner Zettaset about containerized data encryption and why it's important. Here are the answers to your questions, provided by Bryan Langston and Uday Shetty of Mirantis and Tim Reilly and Maksim Yankovskiy of Zettaset. View webinar slides and recording Why is encryption so important if we wrap our existing security around all workloads? It goes …

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18

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