Application Portability

Pure-play K8s without proprietary API extensions ensures your apps can run on any cloud

No Vendor Lock-In

Clusters are deployed using a flexible, agnostic architecture based on open source community best practices

Enterprise-Grade Open Source

Mirantis hardens the open source software in KaaS to ensure it’s resilient, scalable, secure, integratable, and easy to operate

Reduced Complexity and Risk

A KaaS subscription includes Full Stack Support from Mirantis, the open source experts

Zero-Touch Operations

Automated lifecycle management ensures software updates are applied continuously and without downtime

Self-Service K8s Clusters

End users benefit from convenient access to production-grade Kubernetes so they can get their work done faster

Full Stack Lifecycle Management

Full Stack Lifecycle Management

Kubernetes LCM is easy. However, LCM for the full stack of production Kubernetes clusters is very difficult, especially in multi-cloud and bare metal use cases.

With Mirantis KaaS, we’re solving the complex problem of continuous lifecycle management for the full stack of K8s and related technologies covering OS, container runtime, networking, storage, service mesh, image registry, and more.

That complexity grows even further when multiple cloud providers are involved, so KaaS is focused on providing a consistent experience for end users regardless of the specific infrastructure on which they’re deploying clusters.


Zero Touch, Zero Downtime


Zero Touch, Zero Downtime

At the heart of KaaS is a centralized lifecycle management service that regularly checks for updated software artifacts from Mirantis. If any updates are available, the KaaS management cluster will retrieve the updated artifacts and update itself without causing downtime to any of the connected Kubernetes clusters.

Additionally, end users are able to see that updates are available and decide when they’d like to upgrade their cluster. Since KaaS deploys clusters in an HA configuration, applications running on those clusters will not experience downtime during an upgrade.

Self-Service K8s for Developers

Self-Service K8s for Developers

KaaS provides a user-friendly web interface as well as an API for your developers to create and manage their own K8s clusters, within the “guardrails” established by your KaaS environment.

Building cloud-native apps for production requires a hands-on approach to Kubernetes and its complex ecosystem of related technology, rather than obscuring it beneath a PaaS layer. DevSecOps tooling must be integrated with clusters for CI/CD, developers must be able to test against different versions of software components and against infrastructure designed to auto-scale and auto-heal, SREs must be able to verify release strategies and rolling upgrades, and so on.

Mirantis KaaS supports a hands-on approach by providing the flexibility and control your company needs to be successful with production-grade Kubernetes at scale.


Mirantis KaaS Public Beta

Mirantis KaaS Public Beta

KaaS is currently available from Mirantis as beta software. It’s available as a free download for evaluation purposes and will enable you to deploy KaaS along with one or more small clusters, so that you can observe its benefits in your own cloud environment.

Mirantis does not provide any guaranteed support or service level agreements for the beta software, however, registered users can open tickets and provide feedback on their experience with the software.

Once KaaS is made generally available, you can continue to use it, however, your environment will be limited in size. You’ll need to contact Mirantis to remove the limit and transition to a paid account with enterprise support.


How It Works

Step 1:

Create a User Account

Step 2:

Download Bootstrap

Step 3:

Generate License

Step 4:

Deploy Bootstrap

What's New in Kubernetes 1.18

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